This March

The title of this picture was food-woman-camera. Knock off that camera bit and I think we know who it’s talking about.

Listen, we all know how I feel about March. But surprisingly, on this first day, I’m actually not feeling half bad.

Perhaps it’s because I know I only have one month left until we meet Jacob? Possibly. There’s also the air of “maybe” to this month. “Maybe he will come a little early.” What a nice thought, right? Hit 39 weeks and all of a sudden the stars align and Jacob will decide it’s time to meet us. Let me state I know this is seriously unlikely, and I’m really trying to hold off on any thoughts relating to the matter. My doctors literally had to cut me open to pull Jackson out of his warm, cozy spot- and that was after 41 weeks of gestation and 32 hours of labor, so I know the odds aren’t really in my favor. But it’s still giving March a slight glimmer.

My attitude is also strongly influenced by the fact that Glenn just finished up his night class- CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH! For the first time in months, I won’t be solo parenting after work twice a week. Instead we will get to enjoy family dinners, cuddles, and splitting up taking care of Jackson (before the baby comes and we’ve each got a kid to manage). More time to enjoy my nights after work, more time to not have to think about doing dishes while I hang out with my boy (thanks babe!), and more time to hang out with that dude I like so much.

Also, I’m in the home stretch of pregnancy, baby. Yea, I don’t sleep much at all and I’m definitely uncomfortable most of the day. But at almost nine months, the weight of every day pressures seem less intense and everyone is telling me to take it easy. No major DIY home renovations, no big plans, just being for the next few months. Work is a bit crazy right now, but I know it will slow down considerably in the upcoming weeks and then I get two months away from it entirely. It’s also so lovely thinking that I’ll be spending eight weeks at home with two beautiful boys (albeit with a lot of crying and sleepless nights.)

Plus I have license to eat really caloric, wonderful things now and then and people don’t give me any side eye when I say I need a break. Which I am not lying about, because holy crap I’m tired, but it’s nice to not feel like a lazy excuse of a human being.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to an amazing brunch that my best friend is holding to celebrate Jacob. Breakfast foods and hours of chatting? Yes please. As for the rest of the month, we’ve got bits and pieces to finish up before the baby gets here but nothing big enough to be wearing on my mind. Instead, I’ve got my eye on a fantastic book and we’re planning lots of family fun days during the weekends.

It’s going to be a good month.