Beauty in the Feast


I’ve wanted to host a brunch for over two years now. No joke. While pregnant I created a Bucket List of things I wanted to do pre-baby. Some items listed were with friends (concert, spa day), some things with Glenn (kayaking, MS walk), and some things just for me (completing a paint by numbers, yoga).

I’m just going to cut to the chase and admit that I completed very few of these (I’m looking at you paint by numbers). Once heavily pregnant and especially after having a newborn, I was lucky to be getting 5 hours of sleep a night. Thereafter, drinking coffee while it was still hot and naps were the sole occupants of my bucket list.


After a year of pregnancy and infanthood, my interest in hosting a brunch was once again peaked when I saw the breakfast board (cue heavenly choir and a soft spotlight). An amalgamation of my favorite things- morning and cheese plates essentially, with a little English continental breakfast thrown in. Oh yes, this was going to happen.

Yea, so that was in April.

Come late June, I figured the time was as good as ever. My birthday was coming up and if that wasn’t reason enough to make it happen, I don’t know what was. Glenn would be in charge of Jackson and I would finally have my ladies over for a relaxing morning brunch. It was finally going to happen!

Except, of course, my two best girl friends had travel plans that essentially put one or the other out of the state for the next month. Okay, so it wasn’t going to happen on or near my actual birthday- but the plan was tentatively set in place. It was going to happen… eventually!

Over the course of the month, I collected little treats here and there. Some wine my friend had brought me from Santa Barbara, chocolates another friend brought from Austria, the almond champagne Glenn had gotten me for my birthday. And with every new treat I garnered more and more excitement (It’s the little things apparently).

I bought blueberry vanilla goat cheese for Tootsie, a creamy brie for me, and crusty French bread rolls to slather it all on. The day of I piled it all on my largest chopping board, along with a smathering of grape tomatoes, strawberries, avocado, and blueberries. I added little pots of Nutella and jam to seal the deal. It was gorgeous.


(Not shown was the random, much smaller, cutting board with butter and some salami)


Seriously you guys, I felt like one of those food photographers.


Last one, I promise

And then we ate it. And it was delicious.

With our bellies full of food (and a bit too much wine), we spent the rest of the day lounging around. Jeannette headed out five hours later (as she was the more adult of all of us and hadn’t imbibed so much), but Tootsie and I ordered in Chinese food for dinner and chatted until 8pm. For those counting, that was a 10 hour brunch.

Totally made the 2 year wait worth it.